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Frequently Asked Questions


How to create an account with www.onlyoushop.fr?
To create an account, you have to click on "register" linked at the bottom of the website in the "Customer" section.
Complete the required fields including your password and choose whether to sign up for our newsletter, free and without obligation.
Confirm your information after consulting with and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

You can go now in the "register" by clicking this button onlyoushop-icon-see-more
How to change the password or find it if you forget?
If you want to change your password from your personal account, click on the "Account" at the bottom of our website under the heading "Customer" and log in.
From your personal space, change your account information including your password.
To get there now, click this button onlyoushop-icon-see-more

If you have forgotten your password, also click on the link "Account" at the bottom of the site and in the "Identification" you have a "Forgot password".
By clicking on this link, you'll need to enter your email address.
If you are already in the www.onlyoushop.fr website customers database, you will automatically receive an email informing you your password.
To get there now, click on the button onlyoushop-icon-see-more
How to delete my personal account?
You have rights to correct an error or remove specific information about you. You also have the right to object to appear in our customer file.

For any information request for rectification; specific suppression or deletion account, thank you to make the request to the website Administrator at the following email address : webmaster[at]onlyoushop.fr

Product informations & advice

How can I get help to find the size of my articles?
Our site has information and advice about the sizes.
From the website link at the bottom in the "Information", find out all the information that will allow you to define your size depending on the product type selected and your measurements.

Furthermore, each product has a tab titled "Guide Sizes" in which you will find all the information.

To get to now our guide, click the button onlyoushop-icon-see-more
The frames of my bra hurt me, what is the reason?
In all likelihood, your bra is not your size.
This one is too tight chest (back) or deep caps.
Review our guide to accurately define your waist with your latest measurements.
To visit our guide, click this button onlyoushop-icon-see-more

Also, try can be a model without reinforcement would relieve your chest while bringing comfort and support.
Can I wear a bra at night to be more comfortable?
You can sleep with a bra but preferably without reinforcement to avoid injury.

Nevertheless, we recommend to carry our babydolls onlyoushop-icon-see-product or night dresses onlyoushop-icon-see-product particularly well suited to support similar to that of a bra without underwire.
Where can I find the advice to wash or maintain my products?
All our washing instructions and maintenance tips are available from a link at the website below in the section "Information".

This information is also present in the sheets to the "Guide and Council care " tab.

To inform you of our advice now, click the button onlyoushop-icon-see-more

The website offers and promotions

What is a promotional code?
A promotional code is a sequence of numbers and / or letters by which you get a promotional discount which eligibility requirements are explicitly specified.
How do I get a promotional code?
The first way to obtain promotional codes, is to subscribe to the ONLYOUSHOP newsletter.
Our newsletter is completely free, no obligation and no risk of spam. You would unsubscribe at any time.
Using this entry, you get all the latest information on news; products and receipts; deals including the publication of promotional codes.
To register, you must have created or create a new account. To do this, visit the bottom of our website, to the "Customer Area" section to register or login to your account and find the link from which you can subscribe to our newsletter. To get there now, click this button onlyoushop-icon-see-more

Then you can follow the news and promotional offers with coupons on the social networks on which we are present to inform our fans and our subscribers, recent operations not to be missed.


Can I change or cancel an order?
After validating your order, ie to have honored the payment, the first is being processed.
You have a short time to apply for cancellation of order before shipment. To do this, use the link "Returns" at the bottom of sity under "Customer Area".

If your order has been shipped, you still have a period of 15 calendar days from receipt of your products (the postmark authentic) to contact via our form, a request of withdrawal.

The costs inherent in product return are borne by the customer.
The product will be accepted if and only if its integrity was respected in the terms set out in our Terms and Conditions.

Now to make the withdrawal demaande form, click on the button onlyoushop-icon-see-more
How do I track the status of my order?
Throughout the processing of your order process, the status of it is updated on our servers.

Accordingly, a notification is automatically sent to the customer by email.

Deadlines generally recognized are listed in our Terms and Conditions. Most orders will be fulfilled in time. However, it is possible that additional delays are incurred on exceptional annual periods (holidays) or if our suppliers or manufacturers encountered similar situations.

If your order was not reached you within a reasonable time, our customer service must be informed by email to check the reasons.

Our contact form is available, click the button onlyoushop-icon-contact to be redirected.
The product received is different from my order. What can I do?
In case any of your product was not exactly conform to the photo presented on his picture, maybe that he comes from as the specific character of your product due to your size for example.
Indeed, the straps of a bra can be proved wider than a picture because the size of the cups is selected requiring significant widths varying sizes according straps.
In such cases, the differences between products and pictures are normal because all the pictures representing exhaustively all aspects of the product based on its size cannot be submitted on the form of the article.

However, if the product was really not comply in full (reference, size, material, shape), our customer service is available by email to check with you the details of your order and notify you return formalities merchandise.

Our guests will find at their disposal a Returns form to complete. To get there, click on the button onlyoushop-icon-see-more

The ordered product arrived in poor condition. What can I do?
Upon receipt of your package, it is essential to check its integrity or at least that of the packaging, to serve the state and society to the driver including ONLYOUSHOP for the management of the injury responsibilities. The concepts of "subject to good status" or other indications of this type are legally inadmissible. Thus, in cases where the package / parcel was ripped open revealing a damaged product, please do note the deliverer, refuse the package and served in writing on the delivery note why you refuse the package.

In the extension, please contact immediately or within a maximum period of 24 hours our customer service by email for us to treat the management of arrangements for the liability of the carrier and shipping a new item.

If the package was perfect and that no protest has been issued prior to the discovery of a damaged product, please contact our customer service by email within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

Our contact form is available on our website at the "Services" section.
You also have our "Returns" form to request our customer service to exchange defective product.


The Gift Voucher

How does the gift voucher?
With ONLYOUSHOP, you can offer on all occasions a gift certificate also called gif voucher.

To do this, a link is available at the bottom of the site in the "Extras" section or from the tab "Offer" in the product info page.

By clicking on the link or the graphic banner on the tab, you will be redirected to the purchase page of a voucher which you choose the theme of the gift and list them information about your identity and those of the person receiving the gift including its value.

After the payment of your gift voucher, the happy beneficiary will receive automatically and immediately by email a gift voucher with your name and email, the purchase price offered and the code to enter at the time of his checkout to benefit from his gift in the amount of the coupon value.

The gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of purchase = send to the beneficiary, exclusively on the www.onlyoushop.fr website.
They can be used only one time.
They are not refundable in part or whole and can not be the subject of reimbursement of the difference between the amount of the order of the beneficiary and the value of the gift voucher.

For now offering a gif voucher, click the button onlyoushop-icon-see-more

The payment

What payment methods are accepted on the website?
1. Paypal et Payplug

ONLYOUSHOP uses the PayPal electronic payment platform accepts payment by credit cards without Paypal account creation requirement.
Furthermore, the cards or electronic payments on Paypal accepted platform are:
  • The Visa card;
  • The Mastercard;
  • The American Express card;
  • The Discover Card;
  • The Aurore card;
  • The Cofinoga card;
  • The 4 étoiles card
However, you can create a free account with PayPal by filling in the required information and pay with it.
ONLYOUSHOP also offers payment by credit card (Visa and MasterCard, European and international, Electron (Visa) and Maestro (Maestro) basic French national bank cards, even if they are not affiliated with Visa and MasterCard) for any payment made in Euros using the secure French payment platform Payplug. You do not need to have an account, just fill in your payment information.  

2. Transfer and Check (suspended payment methods)

Our site also accepts payments by check and bank transfers (payment method not active yet).
For terms of these regulations, please visit our explanatory note by clicking on this button onlyoushop-icon-see-more
Can I pay on delivery?
The www.onlyoushop.fr site does not have this payment managed by carriers.

Each order placed on our site is to honor with the methods of payment mentioned in our section "Services" in "Payments & Banks".
Where can I find my invoice?
Your invoice is available in your orders history from your personal account accessible using the link "Account" at the bottom of the site to the "Customer Area" section or now by clicking this button onlyoushop-icon-see-more