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Lingerie Size Guide | panty thong shorty


You have set your heart on a panties model, string or shorty.

Now, do we attach to it is or it is perfectly comfortable and perfectly suited to your body type.

It could not be easier! You should measure your hip circumferencee, like this:

Place a seamstress measuring tape at the fullest point of your pelvis, ie to where the buttocks are plump. The seamstress measuring tape should be place horizontally - see photo H above  -

Do not over tighten the ribbon, do not lean.


and measure your waistline, as :

Place a seamstress measuring tape in the palm of your height, ie at the level of your navel. The seamstress measuring tape must be placed horizontally.

If you do not have a tape measure, use a string on which you score the intersection tips. Position the cord stretched flat and measure the distance with a metal meter.


There you go! Refer to the table below to identify the size to order.

Waist Size (cm)Hip Circumference (cm)Size to order
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Correspondence UK Size

Correspondence US SizeUniversal Size
53/5787/9136 / T0onlyoushop-voir-produit*84XS
58/6292/9638 / T1onlyoushop-voir-produit106S
63/6797/10140 / T2onlyoushop-voir-produit128M
68/72102/10642 / T3onlyoushop-voir-produit1410L
73/77107/11144 / T4onlyoushop-voir-produit1612XL
78/82112/11646 / T5onlyoushop-voir-produit1814XXL
83/87117/12148 / T6onlyoushop-voir-produit20163XL
88/92122/12650 / T7onlyoushop-voir-produit22184XL
93/97127/13152 / T8onlyoushop-voir-produit24205XL

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