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Plus Size Lingerie

Plus Size Lingerie
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Comfort and lightness for this pretty invisible panty Pearl by the brand Lisca ®,microfibe..
The Adopt Box Onlyou price soft panties!What Onlyou Box Shorty ? An assortment of 3 small fun ..
The Adopt Box Onlyou price soft panties!What Onlyou Box Shorty ? An assortment of 3 small fun ..
The Adopt Box Onlyou price soft panties!What Onlyou Box Shorty ? An assortment of 3 small fun ..
The Adopt Box Onlyou price soft panties!What Onlyou Box Shorty ? An assortment of 3 small fun ..
Beautiful black nightie of Anais ® Brand, revealing a half-naked back and a beautiful neckline..
Babydoll blue Obsessive Lamia Ask a Restocking
Feminine and chic babydoll by Obsessive ® brand.Its soft and silky fabric is very comfortabl..
Beautiful babydoll combining elegance and glamor by Obsessive ®.Black lace with floral pat..
Refinement and seduction to perfect your wedding night !Agnella model Babydoll ivory wedding b..
Babydoll long Obsessive Charms -22%
Superb long babydoll of Obsessive ® collection.Beautiful neckline with lace and decorated ..
49,90€ 38,90€
Superb black babydoll flared and fluid made by Obsessive ® brand, combining embroidery and tra..
Babydoll Obsessive Caramella -23%
Absolutely divine that little babydoll made by Obsessive ® brand, with the delicate floral lac..
34,90€ 26,90€
Elegance and femininity!Beautiful black babydoll Emperita by Obsessive ® . Transparent an..
Babydoll Obsessive Flamenco Ask a Restocking
Lovely soft pink babydoll Flamenco model by Obsessive ®. Beautiful embroidered neckline lace ..
Delightful babydoll nightie of the collection Greyla by Obsessive ®.The high is soft fabric ..
Imperia black babydoll by Obsessive ®. Fresh and silky fine veil, decorated with a floral moti..
Very elegant and charming babydoll from the collection Magnetica by Obsessive ® , black and si..
Superb babydoll made by Obsessive ®.Black and burgundy lace and transparent veil, adorned ..
Black and burgundy floral lace with transparent veil that flared and fluid babydoll Musca made by ..
Refined setting for this delicious and sensual babydoll satin fuchsia by Obsessive ® brand, ad..
Play to your strengths!Lovely lace nightie floral by Anaïs ® . Its round neck let di..
Feminine and chic babydoll by Obsessive ® brand.Its soft and silky fabric is very comfortabl..
Superb black nightie Foli model of Anaïs ® brand.Babydoll transparent veil decorated wi..
Black dress Obsessive Dressita Ask a Restocking
Lovely floral Dressita lace dress by Obsessive ® brand,revealing shoulders and offering a ..
Transparency and sensuality for Camelie negligee model of the brand Anaïs ®.Made of s..
Beautiful sexy shorty, Bloom model by Obsessive.While lace, it is decorated on the front wit..
Blue navy shorty Lisca Idylle -28%
Sumptuous shorty blue navy Idylle model of the brand Lisca ®,Alliance of fine lace, an emb..
34,60€ 25,00€
Bodysuit Cheli Casmir -25% Ask a Restocking
Chic and elegance for this bodysuit Cheli by Casmir.Bodysuit for women, silver lycra embr..
49,90€ 37,50€
Bodysuit Harriet by Casmir.This body full of charm made of fabrics and lace very beautiful q..
Superb bodysuit Lanka by Casmir brand, to wear under any outfit.Beautiful material effect, lyc..
Bodysuit Tentation Lascana -9%
Beautiful body of Tentation collection by Lascana.This body for women is..
55,20€ 50,00€
Minimizer bra of collection Olina by Lisca.For women who want to reduce the size of their ch..
Women's brazilian panties from the collection Alegra by Lisca.Lovely ladies' panties f..
Women's boxer from Lady Moon collection by Lisca.Wonderful brazilian knickers with sophist..
Chemise Casmir Cheli -20%
Beautiful chemise of Cheli collection by Casmir ®.Alliance silky Lycra gray color and fine g..
49,90€ 39,92€
Chemise Casmir Fifi -17%
Of sweetness jewel for this chemise of Fibi collection by Casmir ® .Designed satin Lycra an..
51,90€ 42,90€
Women's chemise from the Lady Moon collection by Lisca.Beautiful nightie that plays transp..
Chemise Lisca Onyx -49%
Gorgeous chemise of Onyx collection by Lisca ®.Alliance transparency and lace for this chemi..
94,50€ 48,20€
Superb transparent chemise by Obsessive ®.The  Adoria chemise is beautifully transpar..
Contour Bra Lisca Wittily -35%
Contour Bra Wittily brand Lisca ® to wear without moderation !Very wearable fabric microfi..
39,90€ 25,90€
Femininity and charm for this corset Blanchet by Casmir ®.Cream colored corset designed tull..
Corset Casmir Fibi -15%
Superb corset of Fibi collection by Casmir ® .Alliance satin lycra and black lace corset for..
53,00€ 45,05€
Elegance and sensuality for this Corset ! From Jessie collection by Casmir ® , it'..
Corset Giorgia Casmir -14%
Corset Giorgia by Casmir.Beautiful corset made of lace and black lycra with bluish touches. ..
49,90€ 42,90€
Corset Ivory Lisca Pascal -31%
Elegance and charm !Balconette ivory corset from the Pascal Collection byLisca ® ,very..
66,90€ 45,90€
Dress Noir Handmade Bad Midness Ask a Restocking
Lovely mini dress Bad Midness in black chiffon by Noir Handmade ®.Its light and airy cu..
Fitting bra of the collection Olivia of Lisca ®.Sensuality and femininity for this support b..
Put your chest wearing this bra black lace of Irina collection by Lisca ® .Optimal comfort..
Put your chest wearing this bra white lace of Irina collection by Lisca ® .Optimal comfort..
Half Cup Bra preformed Lisca Lyra -28%
Half Cup bra preformed Lyra model of Lisca ® .Seductive bra both sexy breasts but requirin..
67,90€ 49,00€