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Terms & Conditions of Sales


Article 1: The name


The ONLYOUSHOP® commercial brand and its associated website are the properties of the JL.DELPECH company.

The individual company JL.DELPECH, whose head office is located in La Bouchesse, 26120 La Baume Cornillane, France, is registered with the RCS from Valence, Drôme (26), France under SIREN number 492 791 363.


His representative is Mr Jean-Louis DELPECH, the company's manager.


Article 2: Application of the General Conditions of Sale (T.C.S.)


The prospect or customer site declare to have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before placing an order.

Thus, any order placed by the customer implies the acceptance of all of these Conditions.


Article 3: Prices


Prices shown on the website can be displayed in Euros, Pounds Sterling or US Dollars with an update of exchange rates in real time. Prices are in net value excluding any involvement in shipping & processing.

The JL.DELPECH company  charging its free products VAT base, it’s mean not subject to VAT pursuant to Article 293 B of the CGI, the VAT is not applicable.

If this tax system should be changed, these changes will be reflected on the price of items without the customer being notified.

The JL.DELPECH company and its website, reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. The products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of registration of the order. The products remain the property of the JL.DELPECH company until full payment. This price is payable in full in one payment.

The JL.DELPECH company and its website reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order or who present to him any form of risk.

Any order placed on the site and delivered outside the European Union or in overseas territories may be subject to taxes and customs duties which are imposed when the package reaches its destination. These customs duties and possible taxes related to the delivery of an item are the customer and under its responsibility. The JL.DELPECH company and its site are not required to check and inform the customer of customs duties and taxes when receiving its orders. For this information, the client is asked to liaise with the competent authorities of the country in order to comply with its laws and regulations.


Article 4: The validity of the offer


The offers proposed on the site cater to consumers with a delivery address in France; in Corsica; in Monaco; in overseas territories; mainly in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

In accordance with the decisions of the French government, may refuse any sale and delivery of products to the country or region of the world.

All products presented on the site are available for consumers meet this criterion and that, within the limits of available stocks.

In case of debit or receipt for the order of an unavailable article, the JL.DELPECH company and its website is committed to providing a credit or refund the customer within a maximum period of 30 days.

The website manages automated manner the unavailability of an article mentioning the consumer and disabling purchase. However, in case of technical problem with this automation or stock refresh rate, the site is committed to preventing the customer has ordered an unavailable item by email.

The products and offers on the website are reserved individuals or professionals, including employees members of works councils but stated expressly that the resale of products shipped by ONLYOUSHOP® is strictly prohibited.


Article 5: The presentation of products


The descriptions of the products offered for sale by ONLYOUSHOP® subject to its attention. To this end, the consumer found on every page of a product, tabs dedicated to the description of the item and other information that are held by ONLYOUSHOP® would have provided him by the product manufacturer. However, if errors or omissions occurred on these descriptions or information, the responsibility of ONLYOUSHOP® could not be committed.

Concomitantly, photographs illustrating the text to support the products are not contractual.


Article 6: The order confirmation


Orders entered on the site subject to a confirmation e-mailed said email.

This email confirms to the customer that his order has been taken into account and mentions its content.


Article 7: Pre-order - Previews - Exclusives

ONLYOUSHOP® and his website offers to book a product reported in the categories "pre-order" or "Exclusive". Those products not in stock at time of order can still be added to the customer's shopping cart and then paid.

This service allows you to freeze the booking of the product before publication on the website.

Items purchased by the customer will be forwarded to the shipping address as soon as they will be managed in the stocks of the shop.

The periods of availability are given as an estimate on the page of each product.


7.1. General:


This article and its conditions aim to define the contractual relationship between the company JL.DELPECH; its brand ONLYOUSHOP ® and customer, applicable to all pre-orders made through the website


The pre-order or any other service offered through this website implies a general acceptance by the purchaser of these conditions including Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service (below annotated by the acronym T.C.S.) on the website


The terms of sale mentioned in Article 7 of the T.C.S. prevail over any other general or special conditions not specifically approved by the company JL.DELPECH, its brand ONLYOUSHOP ® and its website


The company JL.DELPECH reserves the power to modify these terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.


7.2. The characteristics of the proposed goods and services:


The products and services offered are those listed in the catalog published in the website.


These products and services are offered subject to availability.


Each product is accompanied by a description.


The photographs in the catalog of items are as accurate as possible but can not ensure a perfect similarity with the product and extensive views of the latter, particularly with regard to color; substances and the details of each model may need to change depending on the sizes and morphologies of the buyer.


Consecutively, photographs and illustrations on this website are provided informative and are not binding.


7.3. The prices:


The prices listed in the website are as defined in the terms of Article 3 of the T.C.S.


ONLYOUSHOP ® reserves the right to change prices at any time, except that the catalog price in the days of the order will only apply to the customer.


Prices do not include order processing fees; transportation and delivery, or a possible eco-tax which information would be communicated on the article page via informative tabs available.


The costs of processing and transport of goods are entered in Article 8 of the T.C.S.


Also, prices do not include specific conditions that would normally have been granted to customers or groups of customers but they will be effective at the time of confirmation of purchases and their billing.


7.4. Conditions of pre-order:


The online pre-order products presented in the website is for website customers identified as such and present in our database.


Some sections of the website can be booked at our customers after identification with their "login" and their "password", provided that these have first made an application for registration on the website specifically inducing presentation different identifiers.


The website administration reserves the right to deny access to its services, unilaterally and without prior notification, to any user not respecting the terms of use.


ONLYOUSHOP ® implements all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access but is under no obligation to do so.


The company JL.DELPECH owner of website reserves the right to interrupt; temporarily suspend or amend without notice access to all or part of the way connected to the website, to ensure maintenance or for any other reason, without this interruption rise to any obligation or compensation.


7.5. Pre-order:


Customers wishing to pre-order one or more products must:

  • connect and thus be identified through its "login" and "password" staff;
  • select all options online and quantities of selected products;
  • validate the order after reviewing it and approved the Terms andl Conditions of Sale;
  • make payment using the mode selected by him according to the proposed modalities.


The confirmation of the pre-order implies acceptance of these terms of sale and the recognition of having perfect knowledge.


An email is sent to the client to confirm the pre-order and its contents.


All the data provided by the customer; acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and confirmation of payment of purchases will be worth proof of the customer's order including its recognition by picking services and billing ONLYOUSHOP ®.


7.6. Payment terms:


Payment terms will be those usual between ONLYOUSHOP ® and each respective client as defined in Article 3 of the T.C.S.


The settlement of purchases is immediate with electronic payment ; receipt of funds by wire transfer or bank check cashing (these last 2 payment methods are stopped).


7.7. The withdrawal:


Guests must contact our customer service within 24 hours of their pre-order if it turned out that they want to cancel it before the reservation with our fabricators and suppliers.


When the delivery of the pre-order is made, the right to cancellation of order called right of withdrawal is defined as the legal and binding framework. Thus, our customers have a period of 14 days increased to 15 days to retract and cancel their order or pre-order.


The customer will use the command cancellation request form available in the website down "Customer" section to make known his intentions to ONLYOUSHOP ®.


All the terms and conditions governing the rules of withdrawal; return and refund are defined in Article 10 of these Terms & Conditions of Sales.


It is expressly stated to customers that in case of exchange of product demand, the latter can not be achieved only within the limit of the quantities available and in the absence of stock, ONLYOUSHOP ® will refund items under the conditions Terms defined in


7.8. The deadline and delivery terms:


The delivery to the client including delay inherent in the circulation of products on the market (marketing) and their routes to the buyer is between 20 and 30 days depending on the contents of the pre-order placed on the website and, subject to a judgment of manufacturing at the outfitter or supply at the supplier.


The cost of processing and delivery of goods is as defined in Article 8 of the Terms and Conditions of Sales.


The buyer must always check the status of the package on delivery and possible content.
If it appears that the package has been degraded; torn; cut; open and that the client can not make precise control, it first must be refused.
All references should be listed on the form or flasher of the carrier; the deliveryman or turnkey.
It is clearly noted that the words "Subject" has no legal value in France and that if it was written on the form or the flasher of the delivery man, responsible would be brought to the customer's location that has updated this reserve and the damage associated with the transport of its goods would be at his expense.


All goods invoiced, shipped, received and not paid remain the property of the company JL.DELPECH.


Article 8: Delivery


The products ordered on the website are delivered to the address indicated by the customer during the process of validation of order.

In order to optimize stock management and transport, products ordered by the customer on can be shipped from its headquarters in France and/or from the headquarters of manufacturers with whom ONLYOUSHOP® has a partnership. This method of delivery called "dropshipping" or "direct sale" ensures the customer an optimization of processing times for products purchased on the website including the advantages of the delivery policy at respectful prices offered by ONLYOUSHOP®.

For its delivery rates ONLYOUSHOP® has positioned itself cheaper than the rates of carriers or service providers by opting for a lower rate up to a shopping basket of 49 euros included (valid for France, Corsica and Monaco). If the value of the shopping cart does not reach the threshold of 49,00 €, the delivery costs are calculated automatically using a calculator.

Calculator icon

Currently, ONLYOUSHOP uses La Poste and its Colissimo or Lettre Suivie services as its preferred sender for national parcels. In Europe or in some cases, DHL carriers; DPD; etc... can be used. The shipping costs depend on the weight and dimensions of the package and the place of its distribution. To know the exact shipping costs, we have developed an automatic calculator that depending on the product, its quantity; weight; dimensions and information entered by the customer for delivery, will automatically determine that it is the cheapest method for routing your order.

The customer has 2 ways to obtain the amount of transport costs:

  • In the "Product" page
  • In the "Shopping Cart" page

To do so, simply place the items he wishes to order in his shopping cart and use the calculator available under the button "add to cart" by entering the information about the place of delivery.

In the "Shopping Cart" page, the calculator is also available to allow you to obtain the transport costs with all the different products in your shopping cart.

We assure our customers of our sensitivity regarding the shipping costs of their packages. That is why we have developed a calculator to determine the most economical method of delivering their products to them.

Shipping costs are lower compared to those that ONLYOUSHOP must pay to its carriers. ONLYOUSHOP thus wishes to take in charge a significant part of the delivery costs. No processing, handling or service fees of any kind are added. Our customers pay a portion of what we pay to carriers. ONLYOUSHOP unfortunately has no power or control over their rates.

Our international shipments are duly informed in order to comply with the legislation in force in France. Our international customers will ensure that they are aware of any customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees that may be due including any import restrictions/requirements in their country before placing their order. ONLYOUSHOP is not able to determine if these charges will be due and the amount of these charges before shipping packages to its customers. ONLYOUSHOP does not have exhaustive information on the laws in force in each country. Thus, any shipment that is returned due to a refusal by customs will not be refunded.


Screenshots of the freight calculator

In the "Product" page:

In the "Cart" Page :

Generally, but not contractually, orders placed before 12:00 are shipped the same day, orders placed after 12:00 the next day.

Emails containing the order number are sent to the customer throughout the delivery process by indicating the status of his order.

Delivery times indicated are average times, generally recognized, corresponding to shipping processing times, plus the delivery time.

Delivery times do not include non-working days ie, Saturdays; Sundays and public holidays.

For the transport delivery "Chrono", only shipments to Metropolitan France; Corsica or Monaco exclusively will be able to benefit from a shipment by Chronopost service 24 hours at a price of €22 for orders not reaching or not exceeding €49 of purchases. For orders with a shopping cart equal to or greater than this amount, the 24-hour Chronopost service is provided at a price of €14.50. The delivery method Chronopost is subject to the acceptance of ONLYOUSHOP® by contacting the Customer service by form or email to the customer address client [at]


Article 9: Payment


9.1. Method of payment:


The purchase process on website allows the customer to make all the arrangements necessary to verify the choice of products, their options and / or attributes (size, color, quantity, etc...) and to correct or cancel them if desired.

When the client has agreed to its basket of products, it has until the last moment of his order and before final confirmation, the ability to retrace his choice. The final order confirmation necessarily implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of ONLYOUSHOP ®. To do this, a link is displayed on the confirmation page, leading the client to reading our present General Conditions including attesting checkbox client approval to conditions mentioned.

Payment of the purchases of the customer is made either via the secure payment platform of PayPal, using a Paypal account or using the credit card; via Payplug's secured payment platform using the credit card.

The Trusted Platform PayPal allows customers without a PayPal account or unwilling to sign contracts in a free to use safely the following payment cards:

• Visa card;
• Master Card;
• American Express card;
• Discover Card;
• Aurore card;
• Cofinoga card;
• 4 Etoiles Card.


During the payment process, the customer is asked to confirm their shipping and billing address; to confirm product (s) and to confirm the total price.

On the Trusted Platform PayPal, it will be conducted to provide its identifiers PayPal account or the number of his bank card with an expiry date and CVV code. The flow rate of the card is performed immediately after confirmation of your order.

In any case ONLYOUSHOP ® will receive PayPal credentials or banking information of its customers.

For payments from Payplug's secure platform, the customer will be required to fill in his payment information and respond to a secured 3D second-level security confirmation by mini-message on a cell phone in order to guarantee the identification of the user of the credit card. At no time will ONLYOUSHOP ® have the banking information of its customers.



9.2. Payment verification:


The JL.DELPECH company shall check all orders that have been validated on its site These controls are designed to protect against abuses operated by fraudsters who could harm the JL.DELPECH business but also to customers.

So ONLYOUSHOP ® may be necessary to ask consumers all parts required to unblock orders by email:

  • Proof of residence in the name of the registrant on the website for new customers and orders to very high amounts;

Proof of address to the recipient's name, in the case of a delivery to a name and a different address than the billing.

9.3. Payment Security:


The website is secure accordance with the recommendations of digital security standards by an SSL certificate from a trusted and recognized certification authority. ONLYOUSHOP ® chose GeoTrust ® or LET'S ENCRYPT ® as a certification authority and protects its site using a 2048-bit encryption. Thus, any navigation on the website is secure.

During the payment process, ONLYOUSHOP ® opted for increased security by choosing the secure payment platform PayPal or PayPlug.

The PayPal and PayPlug payment platforms have the largest means of securing transactions between the banks. These platforms have a very high level of experience and experience in this field. Thus, they offer the parties in transaction all the devices to secure their interests.

Confidential bank card data such as credit card number and expiration date, the CVX code are directly transmitted encrypted on the PayPal or PayPlug servers without passing on the media of the hosting server of the website.

When the order is confirmed by the customer, his request is transmitted instantly and in real time to the secure payment platform of PayPal or PayPlug depending on the payment method chosen.

PayPal and PayPlug carry out all the verifications and send an authorization request to the bank of the customer's card. If all information is correct and no abuse is found, PayPal and PayPlug validate the transaction and issue an electronic certificate which will be proof of the amount and the date of this first in accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 et seq. Of the French Civil Code .

Concomitantly, after validation of the secure payment platform PayPal or PayPlug, the site confirms the order with the customer by e-mail.


Article 10: The exchange, return and refund (excluding ONLYOUPLUS ® subscriptions)


Products purchased on the website except some products and the ONLYOUPLUS® subscriptions can be exchange or refund the conditions defined below:


10.1. Deadline to return an item:


The customer has 15 days from the date of receipt of the item (date confirmed by the parcel transport provider) during which he can request an exchange or assert his right to retract.

The procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal are mentioned in the "Exchange & Refund" website as described below.


10.2. Conditions of exchange and back for refund:


The right of cancellation of order called right of withdrawal is defined as the legal and binding framework. Thus, our customers have a period of 14 days increased to 15 days to retract and cancel their orders.
The customer will use imperatively the command cancellation request form available site down in the "Customer" section to make known his intentions to ONLYOUSHOP ®.

After checking the conformity of rights, the customer will be notified by email following the procedure and the return address of the products relating to the withdrawal.
Returning items are made to the charge of the customer. The latter should retain proof of posting of the parcel will be delivered to him by the transport provider. In case of loss of the package, no refund will be made without this proof of deposit.

Upon receipt of the product return agreement, the customer will return his product within a period not exceeding 14 days beyond which the product will be considered as definitively acquired by the customer.

It is imperative that the returned products have remained intact in the terms defined in sections 10.2 and 10.3 of these Terms and Conditions. In the absence of compliance with these conditions, the products will be returned to the customer at his own expense for the payment of the sum on delivery costs as defined in paragraph 8 - "Delivery" - these Conditions of Sale, plus payment management costs amounting to 25% of the amount of shipping, it by electronic payment send by email or by check made payable to the company JL.DELPECH - ONLYOUSHOP ®, without the customer can demand any compensation or reimbursement right, except to the subsequent exercise of its warranty claims on goods sold .

Transshipment of replacement items is payable by the customer, regardless of the geographical area of its domicilation. The customer must contact the ONLYOUSHOP ® customers service by email at client[at]onlyoushop[dot]fr in order to get the amount of costs due.

It is imperative that item (s) returned have remained new, non-worn or used and unsoiled. They must be returned in their mandatory box / original packaging perfectly intact, with all tags attached and must be accompanied by any commercial and advertising items that would have been attached to the order. The lack of respect for these specific conditions above will result in refusal of return.

Similarly, for obvious reasons of hygiene and sealing integrity, panties; strings; tangas; women's and men's boxers; women's and men's shortys; women's and men's briefs; underpants; and any other lingerie or underwear lower body and bodysuits; tights; stockings; knee-highs; leggings; socks; bras in sealed plastic coated; silicone adhesive bras; products called "well-being";"Cosmetic" including make-up; intimate accessories and other intimate products can not be returned or exchanged.

Upon receipt of the return (s) item (s), if the lost integrity of seals or fitting are recognized, the product will not be refunded and the return will be done at the customer's expense. It is understood that the notion of fitting is defined by unpacking or opening of seals of the article.

Any request for exchange is subject to a prior request return. To do this, the client has a section devoted to this effect entitled "Return Merchandise". The client connected to their account using their username and password must complete the necessary and mandatory fields to populate its product return (s).

The preliminary application form return is subject to confirmation by the website administration sent by email to the customer.

Any article return must imperatively be made with the copy of the confirmation email sent to the customer.

Products returned without prior request and without confirmation from our customer service will not be accepted.

If the value (s) item (s) in exchange for newly commissioned  is higher than that of the initial order, the customer will honor the difference by a regulation made online only by credit card or PayPal payment methods.

The shipment of the new command called "exchange" the customer is conditioned by the validation of this regulation.

If the amount of the "exchange" customer order is less than the amount of the initial order, the customer will be reimbursed the difference within 7 days of receipt of the package back to our warehouse.

Returning items are made to the customer. The latter should retain proof of posting of the parcel which will be given to him by the transport provider. In case of loss of the package, no refund will be made without this proof of deposit.

Any promotional item or balances not covered by free return. The return from our warehouse to the customer is the responsibility of the latter. Prior authorization must also return requested using the "Return Merchandise" website.


10.3. State articles:


All products returned for refund or exchange (article, original packaging, accessories, manuals, labels ...) must be returned undamaged.

Upon receipt of the package, ONLYOUSHOP ® judge perfect condition of the returned items. No exchanges or refunds will be accepted if returned items have been visibly damaged or used by the client and that such use or damage makes them unfit for sale items (deterioration of seals ; stain ; soiling; odors; fur ; hair ; desquamation; perfume ; etc ...). Similarly, no refunds or exchanges will be accepted if returned items have been the subject of a treatment (washing ; laundry ; ironing ; etc ...).

If the exchange or refund is refused by ONLYOUSHOP® for the reasons stated above, the goods will be returned to the customer at his own expense for the payment of the amount equal to the transport costs mentioned in our §8 - "Delivery" plus payment management costs amounting to 25% of the amount of shipping, this by electronic payment send by email or by check, made payable to the company JL.DELPECH - ONLYOUSHOP ®, without the client may require any compensation or reimbursement right, except to the subsequent exercise of its warranty claims on goods sold.

The return to the customer of his articles sent outside the period of withdrawal is submitted for its payment the sum of the costs of mailing, by check made payable to the JL.DELPECH - ONLYOUSHOP ® company. As a commercial, an exchange will be made to the client possibly without systematic provided the settlement of referral fees plus payment management costs amounting to 25% of the amount of shipping, regardless of the initial amount of the order.

The cost to the customer correspond in both cases to the shipping and transportation of products unfit for sale or sent outside the legal withdrawal period plus payment management costs amounting to 25% of the amount of shipping.


10.4. Reimbursement of Returns:


Subject to compliance with these conditions of return, ONLYOUSHOP ® will refund items returned within 7 days of the reinstatement of goods in stock.

It is expressly stipulated that the transport costs for the return of the products will not be reimbursed.

Any return not following the process mentioned above will be applied costs of shipping and transportation plus payment management costs amounting to 25% of the amount of shipping.

If the exchange or refund is refused by ONLYOUSHOP ® for the reasons stated above, the goods will be returned to the customer at his own expense for the payment of the amount equal to the transport costs mentioned in our §8 - "Delivery" plus payment management costs amounting to 25% of the amount of shipping, this by electronic payment send by email or  by check, made payable to the company JL.DELPECH - ONLYOUSHOP ®, without the client may require any compensation or reimbursement right, except to the subsequent exercise of its warranty claims on goods sold.

The return to the customer of his articles sent outside the period of withdrawal is submitted for its payment the sum of the costs of mailing, by check made payable to the JL.DELPECH - ONLYOUSHOP ® company. As a commercial, an exchange will be made to the client possibly without systematic provided the settlement of referral fees plus payment management costs amounting to 25% of the amount of shipping, regardless of the initial amount of the order.

Will be rejected by ONLYOUSHOP ® any damaged which would be invoked later because of transport, but that would not have been the subject of comment or express reservations by the customer upon delivery.


Article 11: The contractual subscriptions ONLYOUPLUS ®


This article provides the Terms of Service as part of the ONLYOUPLUS® subscriptions  to receive discounts on items in stock and sold by the website including receipt at the customer a panty each month and this, during the subscription period.


11.1. Guarantees:


By subscribing to the ONLYOUPLUS ® service on the website, the client attests meet all of the following conditions:

• The customer is legally authorized to enter into contracts, and generally legal acts which commits;
• The client has 18 years;
• The client lies within the trade zones as mentioned in Article 4 "validity of the Offer" of these Terms and Conditions;
• The customer accesses the website from the countries mentioned;
• The customer has the skills, hardware and software required for Internet use, knows and assumes full knowledge of the characteristics of the Internet and its use, especially restrictions related to technical performance, the response time and risks related to the security of communications.

Therefore, the JL.DELPECH company does not guarantee that its website to be free of defects, errors or technical bugs or that it will operate without failure or interruption.

The JL.DELPECH company owner of the website can in this regard freely determine any period of unavailability of the site or any of its sections, categories of products or features what they are for technical reasons, improvement its contents, optimization of its use or maintenance.


11.2. Contracting to ONLYOUPLUS® services and right of withdrawal:


The contract between ONLYOUSHOP ® and client is concluded after validation by the customer of the subscription warrants selected online. After subscribing to ONLYOUPLUS ® services, the customer receives an order confirmation email (hereinafter referred to as the "Order Confirmation") confirming that our customer service has received and accepted the subscription.

The order implies acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Service.

Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by the website and JL.DELPECH company constitute evidence of the contract between the parties and transactions.

The customer must verify the completeness and compliance information provided to the website and the JL.DELPECH company when subscribing a ONLYOUPLUS ® service. The JL.DELPECH company can not be held responsible for any data entry errors; falsehoods and consequences.

It is expressly stated that the ONLYOUPLUS ® service contract covers only subscription services chosen by the customer ie, the discount rate defined by the duration of the subscription and valid only on its duration; sending a panty Lingerie chosen by ONLYOUSHOP® but the size of which is specified by the customer and, for the duration of the subscription selected by the customer; e-mail notification of shipping and billing. Thus, the client and sign contracts ONLYOUSHOP ® do no service. The customer acknowledges not endorse any other service and delivery as the latter has not been the subject of a purchase extra and a separate Dispatch Confirmation.

The 3 types of ONLYOUPLUS ® subscription only include their initial costs, which include transport & delivery costs only for subscriptions whose amount does not exceed the threshold of free delivery. In this case, the fees will be added.

No monthly payment will be requested or other added costs.

The customer can terminate his subscription agreement only during the withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from the date of purchase of the subscription. The contract is concluded for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months in accordance with the purchase receipt and shipping confirmation containing the subscription elements.

However, termination during the withdrawal period does not give rights to reimbursement for expenses incurred for the subscription period of the current month. In return, the customer will own lingerie is made for him.

Remaining months of service will be refunded to the customer within 15 days of its information, in proportion to the number of remaining benefits except the non-refundable month on the full number of benefits in the contract.

As part of a termination performed in contractual deadlines for the subscription of 3 months, 2 months will be refunded; 5 for a 6-month subscription and 11 for a 12-month subscription. Reimbursements will be calculated as mentioned above, pro rata.

ONLYOUSHOP ® reserves the right to terminate the subscription at any time or suspend the subscription in case panty monthly delivery could not be done.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must inform the JL.DELPECH company in writing to the address indicated in the heading of "Legal" and now recalled:

La Bouchesse

If withdrawal conditions are met, the JL.DELPECH company will refund the customer amounts paid by him.

The discount related to the ONLYIPLUS ® subscription is activated immediately after the perception of payment (for a credit card payment, this period is generally performed within a period not exceeding one hour). For payments by check or bank transfer, the activation will be effective cashing of the sum.

Purchasing a ONLYOUPLUS ® subscription is systematically notified by email order confirmation. Subsequently, a confirmation is sent by email after the subscription commissioning.

The shipment of the first low body lingerie surprise is made on delivery of the first purchase of the customer on the site.

Other low body lingerie will be sent to the customer at each first monthly order until the end of the subscription.

For example, the settlement of a ONLYOUPLUS subscription "3 months" on January 10 will result in a service started the same day (except payment by check or bank transfer awaiting collection). The shipment of the first low body lingerie and following, will be performed during each first monthly purchase.


11.3. Conditions for modification of the contract and return:


The ONLYOUPLUS ® subscriptions not entitled to any return of a low body lingerie surprise.

If size problem or shipping address found on the first order, changes can be made in the stocks for the remaining items. These changes must be requested by email from customer service ONLYOUSHOP ® at the following address: client[@], before the first monthly purchase on the website.


Article 12 : Les produits ONLYOUBOX ®


The products ONLYOUBOX also called Lots or boxes, provide customers the items sold in bundles at preferential prices.

The nature of the lots and the number of items they contain are at the discretion of the free choice and decision ONLYOUSHOP.

All products contained in ONYOUBOX; boxes or packages are expressly subject to Articles exposed here in the Terms and Conditions of Sales.


Article 13: Identification


The customer can choose remained as a guest on the website and place orders as such.

However, in order to facilitate its recurrent approach, the client has a right to its inclusion on the website opening an account by using the form made available in the "account" or during his first command.

Connection identifiers held by the customer are strictly confidential and personal. Under no circumstances are they to be disclosed or shared.

The customer expressly authorizes the website to file on the hard drive of his computer a "cookie" designed to facilitate the recognition of the client and its identification in the website area and so secure.


Article 14: Responsibility


The responsibility of the JL.DELPECH company lies only in the means used to access the website; Forms Management; order management; product management, shipments and exchanges or returns.

Responsibility can not be engaged for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet and other defects outside his or her area of ​​work.

All cases of force majeure, external intrusion or presence of computer viruses do not engage the responsibility of the JL.DELPECH company and its website.


Article 15: The treatment of non-delivered by providers package


Upon delivery of the order to the customer and in case of the customer does not reside at this address or packages "Unclaimed" with the delivery of services or packages "Declined" at the time of delivery , ONLYOUSHOP ® contact the customer after receipt of the order returned in its warehouse by the transport provider.

After approval from the client, ONLYOUSHOP ® return the order to the customer if the product is still in stock in its warehouse or proceed to refund.

It is expressly stated, however, that ONLYOUSHOP ® reserves the right to refund of the order and not to return it. The refund will be reduced by the value of the parcel shipping, whether or not ONLYOUSHOP ® offered and the cost of returning the package by the carrier.

The website does not guarantee the reservation of the items ordered, and may be required to make the refund of the order if the product or products are available.


Article 16: Intellectual Property


All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the website are protected under copyright law, trademark law, patent law and image rights, for the world. They are the full property of JL.DELPECH - ONLYOUSHOP ®.


Article 17: The handling of disputes


In any case, the liability of the JL.DELPECH company and its website is limited to the amount of the order and can not be blamed for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all the precautions taken in product presentation.

The JL.DELPECH company and its website will not be made responsible by any member or third party for any indirect damage, of any operating loss of profit or revenue, arising in any way whatsoever, even if such damage or loss or damage was foreseeable by the JL.DELPECH company, or if the event had been brought to its attention.


Article 18: Personal data


For the purposes of its services, the website reserves the right to collect personal data on users of the site, including through "cookie" referred to in Article 13 and, within the framework defined in the law "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978 and its declaration to the CNIL performed as of February 26, 2015.

ONLYOUSHOP ® reserves the right to commercially sell the data it has collected on its site in the case of the sale of the latter.

In all cases, and in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 06 January 1978, any user or customer site may at any time oppose the commercial use of such data and also benefits from a right access, rectification and deletion of personal data.
All inquiries relating to this article should be sent by e-mail at: client [at] onlyoushop [dot] fr.


Article 19: Changes in Sales Terms


The JL.DELPECH company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service without notice. Users or customers who would oppose the new Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service should notify their opposition in writing to unsubscribe or stop their connection to the site at the end of their current contract.

In cases where articles of these Conditions of Sale and Service are rendered inoperative, illegal or unenforceable by a court decision, unaffected items remain in effect.


Article 20: Information and contact


For information or questions, please write to customer service ONLYOUSHOP ® at the following address: client [at] onlyoushop [dot] fr or contact us using our online form.